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Waterbridge Wine Gums 200g - BritShop

Waterbridge Wine Gums 200g

$3.49 CAD
220 g

We’d like to introduce you to genuine Wine Gums, brought to you from their English homeland. Wine Gums are special to England, because they were discovered there in the late 19th century. At the time, confectionary chefs were experimenting with wine and a fermenting agent. The result? A chewy, strong-tasting traditional sweet that continues to increase in popularity for people everywhere. Although wine is no longer used in the making of Wine Gums, the flavour is absolutely second-to-none. Grab a Waterbridge Wine Gums pouch today and share the taste of English heritage with a friend. You’ll love that they are all-natural, too, and use no artificial additives.

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Ambrosia Devon Custard 400g

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$4.79 CAD
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Aunt Bessies Dumpling Mix 140g

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