Nambarrie 100s

Nambarrie 100s

$16.99 CAD
310 g

100 fabulous Nambarrie tea bags

A unique blend of finest Indian & African leaves gives a strong and rich tea which is full of flavour. A bold, hearty tea that can be relied on for the perfect cup any time of day.

Nambarrie Tea has proudly been part of Northern Ireland's history since the first tea leaves were blended on York Street, Belfast in 1860. With over 150 years of blending expertise, Nambarrie has become embedded in our community life, being passed down through generations as a family favourite.

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Barr Irn Bru 500ml

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$3.89 CAD
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Cadbury Instant Hot Chocolate 300g

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$9.99 CAD
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Ovaltine Original Add Milk 300g

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$8.99 CAD
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Lucozade Energy Original 1L

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$7.99 CAD