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McVitie's Milk Chocolate Hobnobs 266g

McVitie's Milk Chocolate Hobnobs 262g

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McVitie's Milk Chocolate Hobnobs 262g

McVities Hob Nobs are delicious, rustic oat-based biscuits containing no artificial flavors or colors. Perfect with a cup of tea, they are extremely moreish – so be careful not to eat too many once you’ve opened a packet!

π‚π‡πŽπ‚πŽπ‹π€π“π„ π‡πŽπππŽππ’: A relative newcomer to the world of biscuits, the McVities Hob Nob has become hugely popular since its launch in the mid-1980s – so much so that it is now worthy of mentioning in the same breath as McVities’ most famous biscuit the Digestive.

πƒπ„π‹πˆπ‚πˆπŽπ”π’ π‚πŽπŒππˆππ€π“πˆπŽπ: The delicious combination of best ingredients makes this McVitie's Milk Chocolate Hobnobs premium tasteful.

π‡πŽπ‹πˆπƒπ€π˜ π‚π„π‹π„ππ‘π€π“πˆπŽπ: Create a festive atmosphere at your holiday celebrations with McVitie's Milk Chocolate Hobnobs.

𝐁𝐄𝐒𝐓 π…π‹π€π•πŽπ”π‘: We always ensure you that this is the best McVitie's Milk Chocolate Hobnobs with a unique taste and flavor.

𝐍𝐎 π€π‘π“πˆπ…πˆπ‚πˆπ€π‹ π‚πŽπ‹πŽπ”π‘π’: McVitie's Milk Chocolate Hobnobs with no artificial colors or flavors.

πˆππƒπˆπ•πˆπƒπ”π€π‹π‹π˜ ππ€π‚πŠπ€π†π„πƒ: An ideal for any treat along with workplace. Individually packaged.

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