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Baytree Fig & Onion Chutney 170ml

$7.19 CAD
200 g

Sticky Figgy Chutney is a perfect addition to Middle Eastern inspired meals.

Fabulous with hot and cold meats, cheeses and savouries.

Serve with Goat’s Cheese, lightly grilled in a tart or on a bruschetta.

Great as a topping for a burger along with blue cheese.

Spread on a pizza base and topped with chunks of Gorgonzola and fresh, quartered figs.

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Baxters Mint Jelly 210g

Baxters Mint Jelly is a traditional jelly made with the finest chopped spearmint leaves.The jelly is perfect with lamb dishes, but it can also be added and enjoyed as little twist to other family ...

$6.99 CAD
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Branston Original Pickle 520g

Branston Pickle is the undisputed leading brand of British pickle. The first jar was made in 1922, and since then, it has been used to bring to life millions of cheese sandwiches and ploughmans lu...

$9.49 CAD
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Branston Small Chunk Pickle 520g

Branston Small Chunk Pickle is an alternative to the standard Branston Pickle, its smaller chunks lending themselves perfectly to sandwiches due to their easy spreading. Branston is the undisputed...

$9.49 CAD
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Colmans Bramley Apple Sauce

This delicious Colmans Bramley Apple Sauce is made using 100% British Bramley Apples, so you know you are enjoying a home grown treat when you indulge yourself.The perfect addition to a roast dinn...

$4.99 CAD