Stute No Sugar Added Blackcurrant Jam 430g

Stute no sugar added Blackcurrant Extra Jam 430g

$7.89 CAD
650 g

Stute No Sugar Added' Blackcurrant Jam and Marmalade offers a healthier alternative to ordinary jam, containing 90% less sugar and 30% less calories.

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Barratt Liquorice Novelties 270g

At last an old Fashioned LIQUORICE selection box, just like the good old days. Makes an idea gift for ANY occasion This Liquorice gift box will bring back lots of memories and make you smile. Great...

$7.29 CAD
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Branston Small Chunk Pickle 520g

Branston Small Chunk Pickle is an alternative to the standard Branston Pickle, its smaller chunks lending themselves perfectly to sandwiches due to their easy spreading. Branston is the undisputed...

$9.49 CAD
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Branston Original Pickle 520g

Branston Pickle is the undisputed leading brand of British pickle. The first jar was made in 1922, and since then, it has been used to bring to life millions of cheese sandwiches and ploughmans lu...

$9.49 CAD